Open Wounded Snail


We…recoil like a snail slowly to shell

Sheltered in a dark hell forever unseen

Inside is illuminated with black light

Graffiti filled walls full of hidden expression

Fingertips multi-colored

We inhale the fumes

Journey, slowly about life high off the pain

Your negligence is the salt poured on open wounds never healed

We beg for a scar

The only scarring is from the self infliction

The alcohol, drug, limelight and even sex addicted

We are Mack truck blindsided by the self fulfilled prophecies you helped to create

Are we not “a piece of fuckin’ work

Indeed…a masterpiece with you to blame

In a world where they say “grow up, get over it.”

Yet they fortunate to have chosen the right prong at the fork in the road

We eat from the tainted fork

Our eyes never deceived

We wish we were blinded to the proof

While you denied the truth

Our insides beg to get over though we are high stepping a barb wired fence

Pains to walk in this light

In spite of wanting to be understood we are outcasted

You are glorified for a job well done

Your best repeated like serial killings

How does a destructed life taste to you

Have you gained from lessons taught

We vow to never do the same yet tear down the white picket fence

Rebuild again through second and third chances

This is the reconstruction of a new we

Like the Twin Towers of elapsed time

Hammer to a cracked shell

Soon to reveal the inside

A powerful blinding light enough for the world to see

Where the outside may tell a different story

The inside reveals love amongst the walls of graffiti

Open wounds healing

A life worth living

As we. . .scar


NaPoWriMo14 Poem 5

KonciouSLea Written for those with mommy or daddy issues.  Scar well

For Anastasia


Warm hugs and words of wisdom

A beginning with me and I am not seed

Rooted deeply, experiences

Resonated like a sounding brass at the end of a beautiful symphony

You are the song in my heart

Love exuded through your smile

Reciprocated in return like a boomerang

Caught and to never be released again only to be imitated

Who would want to release such a gift?

Patients clung to your patience like the sweetness of a cinnamon roll

You provide life, light and luster in the darkest places

You are mother

You are wife

You are friend

You are love


Warm hugs and words of wisdom

They make clouds go away

They provide sunny days, rainbows and make everything o.k.

No monetary value could ever purchase and appreciated expressed

No amount of time can ever abound

No height can be reached to express the two words. . .Thank you

All this about you

One who served, loved, worried, shared and smiled

This time is for you to relax, appreciate, be served, loved over and worried about

With stories shared and smiled with. . .”your job is to fight.”

Inside you do and the outward shows

. . . .like the full moon over a beach

Know that you are loved


NaPoWriMo Poem 4

KonciouSLea Written for Anne, my second mom.  I love you.  Thank you for all that you’ve done for me and said to me. . .I was never angry with you.  How could I be, when you provided words of wisdom?

Gas Face


Testy at the pump

Receipt then 3rd Bass in thought

Gas face given


NaPoWriMo14 Poem 3

KonciouSLea Written with gas prices in mind and oddly. . .90′s hip hop




They told me you were dead and I believed not

For you are the sword used to draw blood from my heart

I commit suicide every time

Each thrust deeper and deeper

Like becoming a product of your environment. . .a part of each vessel

A vulnerability revealed and it becomes a new birth

Unearthed hurt

I hate you for it

I hate you for letters of imperfection drawn on a blank canvass

The audience “oohs and aahs” at a finished product thrown away umpteen times

Superficial scars seep puss and is soaked with tears and the saliva from a mute

Somehow we become one

The connection like telekinesis

What has developed is truly supernatural

Blank stares sometimes

Grinding teeth sometimes

Even the world waits. . .sometimes

Through scribbles and scrapes

Boldly drawn lines

Squinting to find the words

They fail to see the relationship

Yet. . .you’re the one I turn to even when the finished product is typed

“Imitation is the greatest for of flattery”

These keys will never take your place

For this is more love than hate

For a purpose because you cut me open and I love it

You help me to heal old wounds

You forgive me when I curse you

Never turning your back on me breathing life through my hand

Never turn your back on me for I am reaching out my hand

. . . .to you


NaPoWriMo14 Poem 2

KonciouSLea Written. . .with love





Zoo Ken, Welcome


Alley’s hum the eerie tune haunting the ears of any conscious lone stroller

Back of your eyelids dark

Cars shark from ’round the corner

With eyes squinting seeing the block for what it is

Ill gotten gains

And she, back hung like the shape of the street lamp seeks a white piece


All the while some would find the peace in her nonexistence

The block is not destroyed through her

Phantom she becomes after the score is copped

I haven’t seen the po-po since. . .

Because the block is not yet hot

Winter keeps ‘em in but technology whispers to the air

One text, brrring and it’s there

Constitution is the preamble for prostitution beginning at. . .Where is Sheetz?

Where are the streets of Little Chicago?

Why have the people turned a blind eye to the fuckery which has become glorified by our youth yet we blame them?

The future hangs in the pendulum swung hips of a whore looking to fill her veins once again

The future hangs by the neck of illiteracy sprung in every verse that is today called hip-hop

Careers still sought by forty-somethings. . .with degrees

Makes the refreshing smell of Ivory soap and my shower wretched

How can I come out squeaky clean?

This is home?


Where the decision to be a ghost town is in the hands of dope boys

The gat is slung

Crack has now become old news to

The needle

The bag

The Salts


The quick

and the dead in obituaries get younger

Welcome to Zoo Ken


NaPoWriMo14 Poem 1 (playing catch up)


KonciouSLea Written with the streets in mind


Happy NaPoWriMo14 to you all.  I’m looking forward to unleashing to you all that I’ve had pent up within me these last few months.  I’ve had some personal challenges, therefore you’ll get to read a realm of emotions as usual.

I hope you enjoy…and share.
Most of all, please comment for interaction. 


Man of Steel poem. . .the video

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